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Backyard Mechanics Become Billionaires.... Well, not quite..
over 2 years ago

The onset of the internet has changed the lives of virtually everyone in the world. It's the simple fact that any individual with a computer and internet access can connect with any other individual no matter where they are located. We have watched mom-and-pop businesses explode creating numerous millionaires and even a few billionaires. We've seen large corporations expand into markets they never would have realized with this amazing new connectivity. The internet however has made its largest impact on the individuals who never thought they could or would be businessmen. Online forums made famous by auction sites like eBay and classified ads like Craigslist have totally revolutionized the way and individual can buy and sell almost any item Autel MS908CV. Almost overnight, private owners of all types of goods can become successful businessmen and at the same time rid their garage of unwanted merchandise. The saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has achieved new, almost unprecedented meaning. That's where auto parts come into the picture...

It used to be that the old radiator with the small leak, the alternator or starter in need of a rebuild, the driver's side door with the corroded molding, or the hood ornament on the floor of your garage would find its way into your garbage can during a spring cleaning. Those days are long gone... at least they are long gone for those backyard mechanics with enough computer savvy to list the parts online for sale. Just a few years ago, who would have thought these old parts would have any value whatsoever other than maybe selling them for scrap. But times change, and some parts can command a fair market value even if the part is in need of repair, a new paint job, or a complete rebuild. Some parts are searched by perspective buyers based on the price of used parts versus the new price over at your local parts supplier. Others are merely purchased as cores, or parts to be rebuilt and then resold as such Autel Al319. Other pieces and parts, especially from vintage and antique cars and trucks are sought out due to rarity or even complete obscurity.

The vintage and antique parts in particular can command top dollar. A classic car buff in need of a particular rare item will do almost anything; or should I say pay almost anything to get that necessary part in his possession no matter how large or small. Classic and antique vehicles are labors of love and to their owners, and the sky is the limit when there are missing pieces to the puzzle. On any given day, you can find thousands of parts listed for auction or a flat price classified ad on eBay. eBay in particular, is almost single-handedly responsible for starting the "everyone's a seller" mentality. This concept has really hit home in the wonderful world of auto parts. There are probably counted home mechanics who have scratched their heads and wished eBay and other internet sites just like it were around a decade earlier.

Have you checked your garage lately? There may be some valuable used vehicle parts right under your nose. A little rust or even a dent doesn't necessarily mean it is worthless. Before attempting to sell any old part, I'd recommend researching its value on you friendly neighborhood auction site or even on some auto classified sites. This is a great way to gauge if you're used car parts are merely diamonds in the rough or simply ready for the trashcan.

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